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Amec ais ontvanger

Amec ais ontvanger
Model: 609.005.0
Prijs: €325,25
Excl. BTW: €268,80
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Amec ais ontvanger

AIS ontvanger met antenne  gratis

An AIS receiver is designed to receive the safety and navigational data from vessels equipped with Class A or Class B AIS transponders. Having an AIS receiver is the easiest way to add on more safety to your vessel.

CYPHO-101, the AMEC AIS receiver series, is designed to offer comparatively greater flexibility. The economical model, CYPHO-101E, is equipped with NEMA 0183, which allows connections with major maritime equipments. The CYPHO-101E is a cost-effective choice for fishing boats. On the other hand, the advanced models, CYPHO-101 and CYPHO-101G, are especially designed for leisure mariners. The RS-232 and USB interfaces enable laptop linkages, and USB port can also support power supply under emergencies. Furthermore, IPX5 waterproof provides extra protection against challenging environment at the sea. The whole CYPHO-101 series has gained CE/FCC conformity, and passed IEC 60945 tests. It will be your smart choice ensuring you with happy and safety journey.


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